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MoreFocus - Season 2
Ron Foxcroft
Episode 3 - Jan 01, 2008
Chairman and CEO of Fluke Transport, Inventor of the Fox 40 pea-less whistle...
Donald Ziraldo
Episode 2 - Jan 01, 2008
Donald is an Order of Canada recipient for all the work he has done for Canada...
Jim Cuddy
Episode 1 - Jan 14, 2009
We invite you to listen in on our interview with Jim Cuddy, lead singer of Blue Rodeo.
MoreFocus - Season 1
Stanley Hartt 2
Episode 18 - Jan 01, 2008
Stanley Hartt O.C., Q.C. was the Chairman of Citigroup Global Markets Canada Inc...
Dr. Colleen Braun
Episode 17 - Jan 01, 2008
Dr. Braun is the President of Bion Consulting, an international consulting...
Mary Aitkin
Episode 16 - Jan 01, 2008
Mary is the Founder and Managing Director of Verity, a women's club in Toronto...
Paul Pelligrini
Episode 15 - Jan 01, 2008
Paul is the President and Founder of Sussex Strategy Group. He is an active...
Diane Dupuy
Episode 14 - Jan 01, 2008
An Order of Canada Recipient. Diane founded the Famous People Players in 1974.
Louie Mele
Episode 13 - Jan 01, 2008
Louie started as a crew member at McDonald's, back in his hometown of Windsor...
Dr. Kelly Leitch
Episode 12 - Jan 01, 2008
Dr. Kellie Leitch is one of a few cross-appointed professors in a faculty of medicine
Dr. Sherry Cooper
Episode 11 - Sep 03, 2008
Dr. Sherry Cooper - Executive VP and Global Strategist for the BMO.
Mark Cohon
Episode 10 - Aug 20, 2008
Mark Cohon is a dynamic business leader, an experienced sports executive, and a...
Andy Pringle
Episode 9 - Aug 13, 2008
Andy Pringle currently serves as the Chief of Staff to the Leader of the Official...
Thomas Williams Dean
Episode 8 - Aug 06, 2008
Thomas William Deans has a BA from Mount Allison University, a MA from...
Timothy C. Flannery
Episode 7 - Jul 30, 2008
Timothy C. Flannery was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1957. As a result...
Frank O'dea
Episode 6 - Jul 16, 2008
Frank O'Dea's (co-founder, 'Second Cup') rags to riches story of triumph over...
Peter C. Newman
Episode 5 - Jul 09, 2008
Peter C. Newman was born in Vienna, Austria, and emigrated from Nazi...
Stanley Hartt
Episode 4 - Jul 02, 2008
Stanley Hartt O.C., Q.C. was the Chairman of Citigroup Global Markets Canada Inc...
Eleanor Clitheroe
Episode 3 - Jun 25, 2008
Eleanor Clitheroe is President of Prison Fellowship Canada and is ordained in...
John Tory
Episode 2 - Jun 11, 2008
John Tory was elected Leader of the Ontario PC Party in 2004 after a career that...
Brian Cooper
Episode 1 - Mar 02, 2010
Brian Cooper has over 25 years experience in a wide variety of executive positions...